Natural gas buses has greatly increased in major Spanish cities

admin 2019-04-08 14:58:24

    Madrid City Council has approved their budgets, which confirms the purchase of 200 new buses by 2016, of which 170 will run on natural gas. This data means that 85% of the buses acquired will operate with CNG. Thus, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) increases NGVs in its fleet from 43% to 50%. In addition, EMT plans to invest 225,000 euros to convert 15 buses to natural gas gathering compressor based dual fuel system and to expand CNG refueling points in Carabanchel and Entrevías.

    It is certainly great news for a city facing serious problems of pollution and which has resulted in the implementation of extraordinary measures to prevent the air quality situation from getting worse. And the air pollution that exists in the cities comes mainly from private vehicles and transportation fleets by 70-80%.

    In Madrid's public transportation, natural gas has been used since 1994, when the first bus powered by this fuel was incorporated. Since then the fleet has increased to nearly 500 units, in addition to the new buses that will be introduced next year.

    In recent years the number of natural gas buses has greatly increased in major Spanish cities, like Barcelona, ??Valencia, Sevilla and Burgos, which have a wide network of public transportation that uses this clean fuel.

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