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Gas Lift Compressor Package

International standard,horizontal,balanced-opposited,world-class lubrication system(Viking,CPI),top-class packing and seal parts(Hoerbiger),orderly pipeline layout,easy maintenance,energy saving,simple connection,cost-effective,integrated and mounted on one skid,etc.

  • Additional Description
Gas lift compressor package is to use the lift technique of raising a fluid such as water or oil by injecting compressed medium,such air, nitrogen, natural gas or wellhead gas into the outlet tube. This has the effect of reducing the hydrostatic pressure in the outlet tube vs. the hydrostatic pressure at the inlet side of the tube,enchancing increasing the oil pruduction.

Main Technical Specifications
No. Item Value
1 Compressor name Skid-Mounted Nitrogen Compressor for Gas Lift Oil Production
2 Mode M-7.94/(5-7)-500
3 Structure M type、horizontal,banlanced,symmetric
4 Stage 6
5 Rotating 988rpm
6 Inlet pressure(gauge) 0.5-0.7 MPa.G
7 Discharge puressure(gauge) 50 MPa.G
8 Drive motor Power 500kW
Rotating speek 988r/min
Voltage 10KV、50HZ
9 Typical values Inlet pressure
Shaft power
0.5 2100 393
0.7 2400 386
10 Cooling Air cooling for gas,natural cooling for cylinder
11 Drive type Direct connection by coupling
12 Lubrication Oil free structure, pressure oil less
13 Installation Outdoor,skid-mounted with cover
14 Dimension,Weight 7.5m*3.5m*3.0m,26500kg


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