Medellin is closer to become a clean fuel city

admin 2019-04-08 15:06:52

    Medellin is closer to become a clean fuel city, thanks to the sustainable mobility strategy that promotes EPM, which recently added another important initiative in this regard: the opening of a new filling station for natural gas vehicles called Caribe.

    The Caribe site is located in the 64C # 72-226 route, next to the facilities of the Municipal Transit, one of the areas of more traffic in the Aburrá Valley, to provide ease and comfort to those that operate in the area. This is the 16th gas compression unit ased  station under EPM flag.

    The other EPM stations are located at strategic points such as Oriental Avenue, Belén, Castilla, El Bosque, Exposiciones, Itagüí, La Aguacatala, La 30, Las Vegas, Majorca, Punto Cero, Bolivariana, U. de M. (of exclusive use by Metro buses serving lines 1 and 2 of the mass transit system), and La Tasajera (dedicated to Emvarias vehicles), and in the municipality of Apartadó, in Urabá.

    “We are very pleased to continue contributing to the life quality of the community, with environmental initiatives that are a legacy for health and welfare, now and in the future, in the Valley of Aburrá, but that also contribute to economy, with significant savings of up to 40% when refueling vehicles with CNG over other fuels,” said Juan Esteban Calle Restrepo, general manager of EPM.

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