Iveco and HAM open new LNG filling station

admin 2019-04-08 08:20:08

    On 27 October, the Group’s subsidiary HAM Italy opened in collaboration with Iveco an LNG station at Combustibles Ratti facilities in the city of Novi Ligure, in the Italian region of Piedmont. Among other advantages, the new site offers the latest technology developed by HAM, which allows an efficient refueling of gas compressor in heavy vehicles (over 100 liters per minute) without using any pump and therefore without electric power consumption.

   The development plan in Italy is very ambitious and aims to implement in the short-term a network of natural gas refueling sites at existing third-party stations in northern and central Italy. This will ensure proper distribution network throughout this area allowing carriers to refuel and accelerating the development of LNG value chain.

   In particular, besides Novi Ligure facility, paperwork to authorize the construction of more LNG refueling stations is underway. The new centers will be located in Modena, Brescia, Bologna and Ferrara, and the agreements have already been signed with the service stations’ owners. Moreover, the next ENI-owned LNG station will be built soon near Livorno.

   These agreements are the result of the strong expansion of HAM in Italy, which will allow the development of a major LNG supply network in the north and center of the country.

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