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Vent Gas Recovery Unit


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 In China,our company is a leader in the capture&recovers of offshore vent gas. In these applications, space and weight are critical - and our unique designs and innovative approach allow our customers to successfully and economically capture this vent gas.

Typical Specifications

 Compressor Code


 Compressor Type

 D Type Horizontal Symmetric Balanced Structure

 Compressing Stage


 Inlet Pressure

 0.3~0.5MPa (Design Point 0.4MPa)

 Discharge Capacity

 680~1080 Nm3/h (Design Point 880Nm3/h)

 Shaft Power

 79~105KW (Design Point 92KW)

 Main Motor Power


 Cooling Method

 Gas: Air Cooling or Water Cooling; Cylinder: Natural Cooling

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